Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Progress... finally!

We moved into our 120+ year old (but new to us) home in March of this year and not much has happened since (except for a new colorbond roof and ceiling insulation in the front section). In the last seven months, we (or was it just me) have changed our minds about the plans about a hundred times... but finally we have made progress.

The Surveyor came today and did all his measuring up, so we should soon get the boundary and elevation drawings to have our plans drafted. Yay!

Also, the upstairs room (this will be our bedroom) was demolished over the long weekend.

It went from this.

In progress...

You may think this looks bad, but we had already removed a tonne of rubbish (literally, it weighed 980kg when dumped) at this stage.

To this.

You may think it currently looks much worse than it did before we started. We had to smash out the walls as they were in very bad condition and we intend to extend into the roof space at both ends of the room.

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