Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our herb garden

I planted our herb garden today.

First I lined the base and sides of each tier with coconut fibre, to stop anything else from falling through.  Then I filled each tier with sphagnum moss (to retain moisture – so that it won’t matter too much if I forget to water them occasionally) and an organic potting mix made especially for herb and vegetable gardens.

I planted coriander and sweet basil in the top tier, strawberries and snow peas in the middle tier (the snow peas should trail down the stand as they grow) and mint, chives, parsley and oregano in the bottom tier.

Here are some pictures:

I also bought a bougainvillea to grow up the wall where the plant stand is currently hanging.  I figured that by buying a small plant now, I will be able to get it growing so that it looks a bit more impressive by the time our backyard landscaping has been done.

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  1. inspirational.. i'm gonna get herbin' myself.
    anyone get the Sunday telegraph last week - can i have the free seeds you got?