Saturday, February 20, 2010

Colour feature: Orange

If there is one colour that represents fun, it is orange!  Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow.  Orange also promotes communication and creativity, so use it in a living room to encourage conversation or in a home office/studio to get the ideas flowing.

Orange is a great fashion colour to warm up your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Images (from left to right): Kate Spade, Oroton and Valentino at Neiman Marcus

Orange is also a great accent colour to liven up any room in your home.

Images (from left to right): Florence Broadhurst rugs, Trendir magazine and Missoni at Spence & Lyda

Add a little orange to your home, with these bright and cheerful finds:

  1. Husque bowl from Top3 by Design
  2. Various cushions from Bholu
  3. Fillsta table lamp from IKEA
  4. Dowel barstool from Spence & Lyda
  5. Wooden sign from Lyrics and Quotes on Etsy
  6. Popular Penguins available form various bookstores
  7. Missoni Hector throw from Spence & Lyda
  8. Fink jug from Peter's of Kensington
  9. Decorative clipboard from Box 64 Studios on Etsy

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