Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greeting cards as art

It was my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday so I found myself in Dymocks choosing him a birthday card.  I also ended up buying a couple for myself... to frame and hang in my home office.

I bought a card with Alexander Girard’s International Love Heart print in pink and white.
And a card by Vogue with an image from their November 1965 issue titled New Time, New Tempo.

The description on the back reads:

‘Vogue’s “Young Idea” backs the Boss look for parties!  It’s simple geometry in stunning black and white.  It’s simple and slinky.  It’s swirling whirling circles of silk and stylised flowers.’
November 1965
Photograph by Ronald Traeger

The card with a picture of a girl with a big pink bow and a bird on her shoulder is from Typo.  I bought this card while recently visiting Melbourne.

Do you have greeting cards or other unconventional art hanging in your home?

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