Friday, March 26, 2010

Colour feature: Purple

Purple is one of my favourite colours in fashion and I wear it quite often, yet I haven’t really used it in my home.  That may change with our current home renovation, as purple is one of the accent colours I am considering for our black, white and grey bedroom.

As purple is a blend of blue and red, different shades may be cool or warm, depending on the balance used in each base colour.

To emphasise the feminine side of purple shades, pair them with lots of white, painted timbers and intricate chandeliers.  To maximise their masculine side, use purple shades as an accent to a palette of cool white, silver and charcoal grey.

Purple is said to lift creativity and inspiration so it is the perfect colour to use in creative areas like a studio or home office.

In fashion, purple shades teamed with shimmering fabrics and feminine details create a luxe look.

Images (from left to right): Victoria’s Secret, Burberry and Carla Zampatti

In the home, the use of purple as an accent colour can add a feeling of opulence and sophistication to an otherwise ordinary room.

Images (from left to right): Marie Claire Maison, Living Etc and Ralph Lauren Home

Encourage the creative being within you by adding some of these purple pieces to your home.

  1. ‘Hexagono’ wallpaper from Funkis
  2. ‘La Bohème’ stool from Kartell
  3. Zero Japan teapot from Peters of Kensington
  4. Pantone mug from Top3 by Design
  5. ‘be’ wooden sign from Old New Again on Etsy
  6. ‘Thalya’ chair from Kartell
  7. Linen cushion covers from Linen Me on Etsy
  8. Bodum ‘Brazil’ coffee maker from Peters of Kensington
  9. ‘Make My Day’ drying mat from Peters of Kensington
  10. ‘Tanja Brodyr’ quilt cover and pillowcases from IKEA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new work wardrobe

I have a week off before I start my new job.  I am looking after my boyfriend, who had PRK laser eye surgery on Friday and can barely open his eyes (he describes it as feeling like someone has squirted onion juice in his eyes).

Apart from that, my to do list for the week includes a massive wardrobe cleanout and sorting out a new work wardrobe that fits.  Most of my clothes have become too big (due to regular attendance at a gym for the first time in my life), so I must decide what should go and what is worth having tailored.

I have also done a bit of shopping for new work clothes over the last few weeks.  Here are some of my purchases.
First row: all MNG (Mango)
Second row (left to right): Karen Millen, MNG, French Connection, MNG, ASOS
Third row (left to right): Vera Moda, ASOS, Karen Millen, ASOS, Ted Baker
(all bought from ASOS)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My old workplace

Tomorrow is my last day at work.  I am moving on to another job and although I have my reasons for leaving, the office space certainly isn’t one of them.  I wish I could take the Moooi pendant lights and the Eero Saarinen side tables with me.

Here are some photos taken before we all moved in and messed it up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sydney's Ivy complex

Thursday is my last day at work before I move on to my new job.  We are having my farewell lunch at Uccello, the Italian restaurant in Sydney’s Ivy complex.

I love visiting the restaurants and bars at Ivy.  The food is fantastic, but the real reason I love Ivy is the décor.

Here is just a taste of what’s on offer.



Ivy Bar

Ivy Lounge

The Den

Visit the Merivale website to check out the rest of the Ivy venues and more gorgeous images.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopping at Signature Prints

I went to the Florence Broadhurst pop-up store at Signature Prints on Saturday.  I thought I’d share my shopping with you, so here’s what I bought.

One metre of Tropical Floral fabric in pink.

Thirteen silk squares from which I intend to make scatter cushions.  Including two each of the following four designs in black and silver (except the floral pattern of which I could only find one). 

And two each of the following three designs in pink and silver or pink and champagne.

Three lengths of wallpaper offcuts, measuring 1.6 metres each.  Including two lengths of the following Tortoiseshell design in black and pink on silver.

And one length of the following The Cranes design in lavender and white on gold.

I also wanted to buy two source folders, one containing little rectangles of the entire range of Florence Broadhurst fabrics and the other containing little rectangles of the entire range of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers.  They had shelves full of these folders, but they wouldn’t sell them to me because I’m not an Architect or Interior Designer.  How mean is that?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We've gone organic

Image: Mad Cow at Ivy, Sydney

My boyfriend and I watched Food, Inc. this week.  It is a very confronting movie and although the food industry here is not quite as bad as in America we have decided to go organic, free range and pasture fed.

I am typing this post while eating a sandwich made with organic rye bread, organic free range chicken and organic bacon produced from pasture fed pigs.  The salad component of my sandwich is not organic because we are using up what we already have in the fridge first.

We also realise that it is not a realistic goal to eat 100% organic all of the time as we enjoy eating out and visiting family and friends.  So we have decided that anything we buy and cook will be organic wherever possible, but we will still eat regular food when visiting other places.

In case you’re interested, I thought I’d share our sources with you:
Not everything is organic, but we bought organic, free range and pasture fed beef from Greenhill Farm, lamb from Mirool Creek Lamb and pork from Pasture Perfect Pork.  We also bought some organic vegetables form a couple of different farms.  I didn’t see much in the way of organic fruit, but we did show up quite late.  We will try to get their earlier next time.  Also, the fresh flowers for sale at these markets were lovely and very inexpensive.

About Life, Rozelle
This store is just around the corner from our home.  Again, not everything in the store is organic, but they have a wide selection of organic fresh produce and packaged foods.  We bought organic free range chicken from Inglewood Farms and organic snack foods, fruit, vegetables, milk and bread.  About Life has also recently opened a store in Bondi Junction.

P.S.  Do you like how I managed to include interior design in the post by adding the image of Sydney’s Mad Cow restaurant?

Friday, March 12, 2010


I recently discovered the website and full product range of Melbourne-based design house Lightly.  I had already seen some of the acrylic lace/doily inspired range and the children’s mirrors, but they have so much other great stuff on their website.

Here are my favourite products from each online category.

‘Oh Petal’ is a collection of mirror petals that can be used individually as coasters or scattered in the centre of a table.
The ‘Daffodil’ floor mat is made from recycled Australian cork and rubber.

The form of the ‘Bon Bon’ vase is inspired by lolly wrappers.

The ‘Farfalla’ light is made from acrylic, yet it has a soft look.  It reminds me of a full skirt on a swirling dancer... a new possibility for bedroom lighting perhaps.

The ‘Nelly’ rug is a modern design made from 100% New Zealand wool.

‘Dress Ups’ is my favourite design from the Eye Spy children’s range of mirrors.

‘Time to Reflect’ clocks are made with discarded household plates which are aluminium-plated in silver or gold.

The ‘Los Angeles’ wings for candles are just heavenly and would be lovely for Christmas decorating.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Florence Broadhurst clearance

This weekend the Signature Prints showroom in Sydney is having a Florence Broadhurst clearance with up to 50% off floor stock, including:

      - wallpaper and fabric remnants,
      - limited edition art,
      - fashion accessories (handbags, cosmetic purses, journals), and
      - homewares (cushions, ottomans, lampshades).

When:   Friday 12th March, from 9:00am to 5:00pm
            Saturday 13th March, from 10:00am to 4:00pm
            Sunday 14th March, from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Where:  Signature Prints Showroom
            2/3 Hayes Road, Rosebery NSW 2018

For inspiration, here are a couple of images from the portfolio of Sydney-based Interior Designer, Greg Natale.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My dream bedroom

I just received my subscription copy of Real Living’s April 2010 issue and fell in love with the bedroom on the front cover.

It is almost exactly what I have envisioned for my own dream bedroom, complete with the Missoni black and white butterfly bedcover that features in my wishlist, white walls, black feature wall (in my bedroom this will be an entire wall of black high-gloss polyurethane wardrobe doors), large freestanding ornate mirror, white spherical pendant light and Eames fibreglass chair (I would love the rocking version).

I opened up the magazine and discovered that this bedroom belongs to Sydney-based Interior Designer, Jacinta Preston.  I looked up her website and it is clear from her portfolio that she shares my love of black and white and of Florence Broadhurst and Marimekko fabrics.

Here is the same picture inside the magazine.

Below are my favourite rooms from a couple of houses decorated by Jacinta that have featured in House & Garden magazine.  See the complete galleries here and here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colour feature: Black & white

The drama of black and white!  These opposites on the colour spectrum form a classic combination with a timelessness that transcends trends – think Chanel.

When using black and white in the home, it is important to get the balance just right.  White may be used to maximise the available light in a room or make a small room feel larger, while black has the opposite effect.

Black and white is my favourite colour combination and it will be the base for much of my home (mixed with greys and neutrals to soften the drama and little splashes of colour to add interest and energy).

In fashion, the combination of black and white is teamed with ruffles, bows, stripes and/or spots to create a relaxed elegant look.

Images (from top, left to right): Carla Zampatti, Saba, Kate Spade and Neiman Marcus

In the home, the combination of black and white adds a little drama to any space.

Images (from top, left to right): Cobden & Hayson real estate, Flickr, Flickr and Homemade 

Add a little visual drama to your home, with these black and white finds:

  1. Tropical Floral wallpaper from Signature Prints
  2. Joker light from Funkis
  3. Effektiv storage unit from IKEA
  4. Starck Ghost Chair from Top3 by Design
  5. Oh! lounge chair from KE-ZU
  6. Coat Tree wall sticker from Ferm Living 
  7. Bolmen bathroom set from IKEA 
  8. Adam cups & saucers from Funkis
  9. Cushions in Missoni fabric from Spence & Lyda 
  10. Tid clock from Top3 by Design
Note: Sorry, I don’t know who posted the Flickr pics included above.  I had saved them previously and when I went back on to Flickr I couldn’t find them.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bedroom... still in progress

I’ve started grouping together a few items that will adorn the walls and surfaces of our bedroom, but before I get to that let’s check out the progress.

All the painting has been done, except the window alcove which will be left until the window is finished (we have had some problems with leaks).

Here are the cubby holes on the wall next to our bed.  I am considering having MDF boxes covered in wallpaper made for the bottom three.

Here is the shelf behind our bed.  We had this built to make this section of the wall flush with the chimney (the box at the left of this picture).

The light bulb hanging from the ceiling (below) will be centred above our bed.  I still haven’t bought a shade, but it’s likely to be the Pumpkin light by Funkis (see it here).

Here is the storage space on the right side of the window alcove.  This was full of tools and things, so it is yet to be painted (my job for next weekend).  The opposite storage space is painted and I have already filled it (too messy to take a photo).

 Now I’ll move on to my little collection.

The ‘M’ and ‘H’ prints will hang on the wall above our bed.  The Eiffel Tower will probably stay on the shelf above our bed.  It is a card/photo holder, but I had my dangly earrings hanging on it.  I’m now thinking of adorning it with necklaces and other pretty things.  The ‘dream’ block is a sparkly Christmas decoration.  It would look better hanging than sitting on this shelf.