Monday, March 8, 2010

Bedroom... still in progress

I’ve started grouping together a few items that will adorn the walls and surfaces of our bedroom, but before I get to that let’s check out the progress.

All the painting has been done, except the window alcove which will be left until the window is finished (we have had some problems with leaks).

Here are the cubby holes on the wall next to our bed.  I am considering having MDF boxes covered in wallpaper made for the bottom three.

Here is the shelf behind our bed.  We had this built to make this section of the wall flush with the chimney (the box at the left of this picture).

The light bulb hanging from the ceiling (below) will be centred above our bed.  I still haven’t bought a shade, but it’s likely to be the Pumpkin light by Funkis (see it here).

Here is the storage space on the right side of the window alcove.  This was full of tools and things, so it is yet to be painted (my job for next weekend).  The opposite storage space is painted and I have already filled it (too messy to take a photo).

 Now I’ll move on to my little collection.

The ‘M’ and ‘H’ prints will hang on the wall above our bed.  The Eiffel Tower will probably stay on the shelf above our bed.  It is a card/photo holder, but I had my dangly earrings hanging on it.  I’m now thinking of adorning it with necklaces and other pretty things.  The ‘dream’ block is a sparkly Christmas decoration.  It would look better hanging than sitting on this shelf.


  1. I love the M poster & the "dream" block! Do you mind sharing where you got them from??

  2. Hi Mel.

    The M poster is from Etsy seller 'theloveshop' ( She has lots of beautiful designs.

    The 'dream' block I bought from a boutique on Darling St in Balmain. It was a Christmas decoration from last year. I've seen similar designs around though. If you're in Sydney I may be able to give you some suggestions of where to look for one.