Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colour feature: Black & white

The drama of black and white!  These opposites on the colour spectrum form a classic combination with a timelessness that transcends trends – think Chanel.

When using black and white in the home, it is important to get the balance just right.  White may be used to maximise the available light in a room or make a small room feel larger, while black has the opposite effect.

Black and white is my favourite colour combination and it will be the base for much of my home (mixed with greys and neutrals to soften the drama and little splashes of colour to add interest and energy).

In fashion, the combination of black and white is teamed with ruffles, bows, stripes and/or spots to create a relaxed elegant look.

Images (from top, left to right): Carla Zampatti, Saba, Kate Spade and Neiman Marcus

In the home, the combination of black and white adds a little drama to any space.

Images (from top, left to right): Cobden & Hayson real estate, Flickr, Flickr and Homemade 

Add a little visual drama to your home, with these black and white finds:

  1. Tropical Floral wallpaper from Signature Prints
  2. Joker light from Funkis
  3. Effektiv storage unit from IKEA
  4. Starck Ghost Chair from Top3 by Design
  5. Oh! lounge chair from KE-ZU
  6. Coat Tree wall sticker from Ferm Living 
  7. Bolmen bathroom set from IKEA 
  8. Adam cups & saucers from Funkis
  9. Cushions in Missoni fabric from Spence & Lyda 
  10. Tid clock from Top3 by Design
Note: Sorry, I don’t know who posted the Flickr pics included above.  I had saved them previously and when I went back on to Flickr I couldn’t find them.

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