Friday, March 26, 2010

Colour feature: Purple

Purple is one of my favourite colours in fashion and I wear it quite often, yet I haven’t really used it in my home.  That may change with our current home renovation, as purple is one of the accent colours I am considering for our black, white and grey bedroom.

As purple is a blend of blue and red, different shades may be cool or warm, depending on the balance used in each base colour.

To emphasise the feminine side of purple shades, pair them with lots of white, painted timbers and intricate chandeliers.  To maximise their masculine side, use purple shades as an accent to a palette of cool white, silver and charcoal grey.

Purple is said to lift creativity and inspiration so it is the perfect colour to use in creative areas like a studio or home office.

In fashion, purple shades teamed with shimmering fabrics and feminine details create a luxe look.

Images (from left to right): Victoria’s Secret, Burberry and Carla Zampatti

In the home, the use of purple as an accent colour can add a feeling of opulence and sophistication to an otherwise ordinary room.

Images (from left to right): Marie Claire Maison, Living Etc and Ralph Lauren Home

Encourage the creative being within you by adding some of these purple pieces to your home.

  1. ‘Hexagono’ wallpaper from Funkis
  2. ‘La Bohème’ stool from Kartell
  3. Zero Japan teapot from Peters of Kensington
  4. Pantone mug from Top3 by Design
  5. ‘be’ wooden sign from Old New Again on Etsy
  6. ‘Thalya’ chair from Kartell
  7. Linen cushion covers from Linen Me on Etsy
  8. Bodum ‘Brazil’ coffee maker from Peters of Kensington
  9. ‘Make My Day’ drying mat from Peters of Kensington
  10. ‘Tanja Brodyr’ quilt cover and pillowcases from IKEA

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