Friday, March 12, 2010


I recently discovered the website and full product range of Melbourne-based design house Lightly.  I had already seen some of the acrylic lace/doily inspired range and the children’s mirrors, but they have so much other great stuff on their website.

Here are my favourite products from each online category.

‘Oh Petal’ is a collection of mirror petals that can be used individually as coasters or scattered in the centre of a table.
The ‘Daffodil’ floor mat is made from recycled Australian cork and rubber.

The form of the ‘Bon Bon’ vase is inspired by lolly wrappers.

The ‘Farfalla’ light is made from acrylic, yet it has a soft look.  It reminds me of a full skirt on a swirling dancer... a new possibility for bedroom lighting perhaps.

The ‘Nelly’ rug is a modern design made from 100% New Zealand wool.

‘Dress Ups’ is my favourite design from the Eye Spy children’s range of mirrors.

‘Time to Reflect’ clocks are made with discarded household plates which are aluminium-plated in silver or gold.

The ‘Los Angeles’ wings for candles are just heavenly and would be lovely for Christmas decorating.

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