Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new work wardrobe

I have a week off before I start my new job.  I am looking after my boyfriend, who had PRK laser eye surgery on Friday and can barely open his eyes (he describes it as feeling like someone has squirted onion juice in his eyes).

Apart from that, my to do list for the week includes a massive wardrobe cleanout and sorting out a new work wardrobe that fits.  Most of my clothes have become too big (due to regular attendance at a gym for the first time in my life), so I must decide what should go and what is worth having tailored.

I have also done a bit of shopping for new work clothes over the last few weeks.  Here are some of my purchases.
First row: all MNG (Mango)
Second row (left to right): Karen Millen, MNG, French Connection, MNG, ASOS
Third row (left to right): Vera Moda, ASOS, Karen Millen, ASOS, Ted Baker
(all bought from ASOS)


  1. Nice outfits!!! I'm almost out of college and starting to think about getting new "work appropriate" clothes....'cause well I only own jeans and T-shirts and these are some great pieces to mix and match

  2. hello! i stumbled upon your blog when i googled "new work wardrobe" and am loving the purchases you've shown above. i'm just starting a new job and am trying to create a new wardrobe with key pieces that can be mixed and matched. i'm now officially following your blog!

    ttfn, jenn.

  3. Hi Jenn.
    Good luck with the new job and sorting out a new work wardrobe.
    I'm sure you have a lot more stores available in the US, but Zara and ASOS could be a great place to start.