Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two terraces in Paddington

Tonight I am going to share with you two beautifully restored terrace homes in Sydney’s Paddington.  Both of these homes featured in Home Beautiful and the magazine’s pictures of both have made it into my inspiration folder for my own home renovation.

These homes were built in the same era as my home and the dimensions are similar to mine, so I was able to ‘borrow’ some of the layout ideas.  I also love the use of black and white (my favourite colour combination) in both homes.

In the first home I particularly like the use of mirrors above the fireplaces and the glossy baby grand piano.

In the second home I particularly like the Louis ghost chairs in the narrow dining area and the map of Paris cut into rectangles and framed.


  1. Those fireplaces rock! you should get one of those...

  2. Thanks Dave. We do have one of those fireplaces in what will be the games/TV/music room (the room you're most likely to spend time in if you visit). The fireplace in the study has been bricked in, but we're going to smash out the wall and restore that one too.