Saturday, March 13, 2010

We've gone organic

Image: Mad Cow at Ivy, Sydney

My boyfriend and I watched Food, Inc. this week.  It is a very confronting movie and although the food industry here is not quite as bad as in America we have decided to go organic, free range and pasture fed.

I am typing this post while eating a sandwich made with organic rye bread, organic free range chicken and organic bacon produced from pasture fed pigs.  The salad component of my sandwich is not organic because we are using up what we already have in the fridge first.

We also realise that it is not a realistic goal to eat 100% organic all of the time as we enjoy eating out and visiting family and friends.  So we have decided that anything we buy and cook will be organic wherever possible, but we will still eat regular food when visiting other places.

In case you’re interested, I thought I’d share our sources with you:
Not everything is organic, but we bought organic, free range and pasture fed beef from Greenhill Farm, lamb from Mirool Creek Lamb and pork from Pasture Perfect Pork.  We also bought some organic vegetables form a couple of different farms.  I didn’t see much in the way of organic fruit, but we did show up quite late.  We will try to get their earlier next time.  Also, the fresh flowers for sale at these markets were lovely and very inexpensive.

About Life, Rozelle
This store is just around the corner from our home.  Again, not everything in the store is organic, but they have a wide selection of organic fresh produce and packaged foods.  We bought organic free range chicken from Inglewood Farms and organic snack foods, fruit, vegetables, milk and bread.  About Life has also recently opened a store in Bondi Junction.

P.S.  Do you like how I managed to include interior design in the post by adding the image of Sydney’s Mad Cow restaurant?

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