Sunday, April 11, 2010

Black and white stripes

I am feeling quite exhausted after a full day of painting today, so to remind myself that it will all be worth it in the end, I thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you.  My puppies have decided to join me, so I am typing this post in between playing tug-of-war and scratching little bellies.

I love the use of black & white stripes in interiors.  The look can be quite dramatic, yet romantic when combined with soft colours and lines, as in the chairs and lamp above (from EDIT).

Here a couple more shots from EDIT’s press gallery.

Black & white stripes make me dream of Paris (which I am yet to visit), as they remind me of an awning above the window of a French Patisserie.

In our new bedroom, we will have black & white stripes in the prints above our bed (seen here) and I am considering either upholstering the bench seat under our window or making a throw cushion for one of my antique-style Louis chairs in Marimekko’s Juhla-Raita fabric (below left) or the cheaper Sofia fabric from IKEA (below right).

P.S.  Thanks to my Dad for all his help today, despite having a head cold. xo


  1. I am seeing alot of BLACK & WHITE stripes all over the net! I really would love to have a dining table with blk & white striped chairs!

    Jen Ramos --

  2. Jen,

    Me too! But first I need a dining room (we are remodeling the back half of our house).