Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping at IKEA

I bought our new bed today, but I almost missed out completely.

Anyone who has ever shopped at IKEA will know that they never have what you went for (but you still manage to leave with a car full of stuff).  Well my new bed had been out of stock for what felt like forever and it finally came back in a few weeks ago.  This weekend was the first chance I had to visit IKEA, so I checked the stock availability online and the bed had completely disappeared from the website.  Uh oh!  I called and was told it is being phased out, so I was there at 9am today to make sure I got one.  The good news, it was reduced from $449 to $249.
This is the bed I’m talking about, the Mandal bed, as seen on my bedroom mood board.

If only I could justify spending $1,500 on the Missoni Jolie bedspread.  I think they would be perfect together.

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