Sunday, May 30, 2010

A hot tub would be nice

It is far too cold to have a shower so I am baking some shoestring fries and passing the time while waiting for them to cook by dreaming of a hot bath.

If only I had a nice deep tub to soak in, maybe I wouldn’t be procrastinating right now.

Japanese Bath Company

We are buying the Japanese Bath Company tub in the last picture for our new bathroom. It is quite short, but very deep... perfect for our little space. We are also having underfloor heating installed, which will be nice in Winter.


  1. oh those japanese bath tubs are awesome. i bet you'll be thrilled with it. And these images are so making me inspired to start saving harder for my reno!!


  2. Hi Jules,

    They are awesome! I sat in one in the showroom - fully clothed and without water of course :) - it came up to my shoulders and yet it doesn't take too much water. I'm looking forward to soaking in mine, hopefully it will be installed by next Winter.