Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from Tokyo

We’ve been back from Tokyo for over a week and I’m only just getting around to writing my first post.

I meant to take pics of some of the great stuff I brought back from Japan, but I ran out of daylight hours on the weekend.  So for now here are a few of my favourite pics from our trip.
Above:  A small garden outside a shrine in Sugamo.

 Above:  A fabric mobile hanging outside a store in Sugamo.

 Above:  Don Quixote building in Roppongi lit up at night.

 Above: Huge barrels of sake, a gift to the Gods outside a shrine in Harajuku.

 Above:  A Japanese girl cleansing her hands before entering a shrine in Harajuku.

 Above:  A windmill garden in Euro-style Ebisu.

 Above:  The Yebisu Beer Museum, I loved the pendant light!

 Above:  A close up of a building in Yokohama (China Town).

 Above:  An umbrella display in Matsuya Ginza (one of my favourite Japanese department stores).

 Above:  The best chocolate brownies I’ve tasted, from Printemps Ginza (a French department store in Tokyo).

 Above:  A bridge leading into the Imperial Palace grounds, Tokyo city.


Above:  A miniature origami crane given to me by a store owner outside the Imperial Palace Garden in Tokyo city.

Above:  Dior and Giorgio Armani buildings in Ginza lit up at night.

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