Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bathroom floor plan

Following on from my last post, I have included below the plans for our new bathroom.

See the full BEFORE and AFTER floor plans to see where the new bathroom will inhabit the space allocated to the current kitchen.

Here is the basic bathroom floor plan (it’s a bit boxy because I drafted it on a large scale grid in Excel).

And looking at the left wall, back wall and right wall upon entering the room.

You can see in the above drawings, that the back wall will be covered with the black patterned tile, while the other walls will be covered with plain white tiles in the same size.  The timber-look tiles (which come in lengths so they look like real timber) will cover the sides of the bath.

The toilet and vanity are floating, the mirrored cabinet will be recessed above the vanity, and the rain shower will be an open area with a clear glass panel just big enough to protect the vanity from water.  There will be recessed cavities for storing shampoo, soap, etc. above the bath and in the shower area.

A heated towel rack and under floor heating will keep the room warm.  There is no window in this room, but we are installing a large opening skylight in the ceiling to let in the sun and help with ventilation.

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