Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eating out in Tokyo

One of the things I love most about holidays is eating out.  

Apart from the amazing chocolate brownies featured in my earlier post, here is some more of what I ate in Tokyo.
Soba noodle soup with mushrooms, vegetables and fish cake in Sugamo.


The best hamburger I have ever eaten and shoestring fries in Harajuku.  Sorry, I started eating it before I took the picture.


Sweet crepes in Harajuku.


Okonomiyaki in Shibuya.  The picture is of Harry’s okonomiyaki because I accidentally broke my egg and mine looked like a mess.


The following pictures are of a shabu-shabu set we ate in a tower building somewhere in Tokyo Midtown.  This was probably the best meal of our trip.
The appetiser contained raw octopus/squid and ochre and was very slimy.  I only managed a couple of tiny spoonfuls of this.


But it got better, with three entrees to share:
A warm pork salad with runny egg yolk,

More pork, stir fried with onion.


And a salmon stack.


Then came the shabu-shabu.  A hot plate with a pot of boiling water in the centre of the table, accompanied by three dipping sauces and three pastes each.  First the vegetables go in.

Then once it’s back to the boil, you pick up a piece of meat with your chopsticks and swish it through the water until it’s cooked.  We had two types of pork.

I forgot to take pictures, but after all this, we got noodles to swish through the boiling water and eat with what was left of our dipping sauces, followed by a gelato dessert.
A very close second to the meal above, was our anniversary dinner at a French-Japanese fusion restaurant in Roppongi Hills.
The appetiser was a dish of raw tuna with black sesame seeds and a warm crab cake.


The entree was fish and vegetables.


My main was steak and more vegetables.


Harry’s main was lamb cutlets with caramelised figs.


And for dessert, chocolate souffle.


A lunch set in Ginza, the main part of which was a sweet chicken stir fry.


Teppanyaki, somewhere in Tokyo.


My Disney Sea lunch was a deep-fried prawn danish.


Ramen in Ginza.  I don’t normally like ramen, but this dark soy version was delicious and just what I needed after a rainy day at Disney Sea.

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