Sunday, August 29, 2010

A sunny Saturday

How was your Saturday?  It was a lovely sunny day in Sydney.  Harry and I took a stroll to the new Adriano Zumbo cafe location for a takeaway breakfast of coffee and toasted banana bread with passionfruit butter.

Above image of the old cafe location from Urban Walkabout

We took our breakfast to the Balmain shoreline where we ended up sitting for a couple of hours chatting.  We strolled through Rozelle markets, where I bought three more vintage sewing patterns (I must learn to sew if I am going to keep doing this), then stopped at Cordelia’s Cafe for the best BLAT toasted sandwich in the village.

We continued down Darling Street stopping at some of my favourite shops.  I found a gorgeous vintage Singer sewing stool at quintessential duckeggBLUE, but it was already sold.
The only downside was that in the five hours we were out I managed to get a very sunburnt face.  I guess I didn’t think of sunscreen because it’s still Winter.  I was wearing my rather large Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, so I now look like Kim Kardashian in this picture:

Above image from here

I am staying out of the sun today.

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