Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shilo's vanity area

Harry has gone to a friend’s place and I’m pretty tired, so I’ve just made myself a cheese platter for dinner (no cooking required).  I don’t have the energy to tackle any of my own home renovation problems, so I thought I’d have a go at someone else’s.  Shilo, here are my ideas for updating your vanity area.

Above image from Yikes Machine

Given your obvious love of bright contrasting colour, my first suggestion is an ornate mirror painted in a fun colour, such as pink or yellow.  If you don’t like ornate mirrors, a simple mirror with a wide frame would look just as effective.  You can probably find something appropriate at a second-hand store and you won’t need much paint.

Above image from House to Home
Above image from Living Etc

To replace the LACK shelf, a narrow wall-hung unit with little drawers built-in underneath would be perfect.  This Ledge unit from UrbanCase can be ordered in MDF painted any colour you like and it includes a place to store and easily access your laptop.  It’s ridiculously expensive, but you could look around for something similar.

Above images from UrbanCase

Alternatively, if your handy enough to DIY (or you have a handy friend or relative kind enough to help), you could make something similar to this desk.

Above image from Design Sponge

I would recommend painting it white and making the built-in storage underneath wide enough to fit some boxes to store your girlie stuff.  Some nice looking DVD storage boxes could be ideal if you want more deep square storage.  Also, Pantone coloured tins could be fun for storing larger items. 

Above image from The Holding Company

That’s the basics covered, now to inject a little more of your personality into the space.

On the black wall, you could add some simple white hooks to display some of your statement necklaces.

Above image from From Scandinavia with Love

Or a mini moodboard (you could include those cute photo booth snaps).  This one is just a strip of hot pink metal with discrete little magnets to hold the pictures in place.

Above image from French by Design

Alternatively, you could prop those photos and some cute pictures or postcards around the mirror.

Above image from Automatism

Above image from Dress Design Decor

I love these MIEN storage boxes.  Yes, they’re from IKEA, but they’re actually quite cute and easily customisable with some paint or pretty paper and they hold a lot of stuff (the squarish one is great for storing my chunky beaded jewellery).

Above images from IKEA

And although it looks nice and tidy to have most of your stuff packed away, you could display some of your more favourite pieces in an interesting manner.

Above image from Bodie and Fou

That’s all I’ve got.  I hope I have managed to provide you with at least a little inspiration.  Even if I haven’t, that was kind of fun.


  1. Melinda, you're incredible! It's funny how clearly you know my taste just from seeing what I put out online I'm assuming via my pinterest pins and what I publish on my blog.
    So you totally nailed it on the head with the mirror, when I saw the photo of the pink one, I gasped! It's stunning!

    Tons of great ideas here and between what you have given me to work with and suggestions of others, I've got a plan formulating and will soon get to work on making my vanity anew. Again, THANKS! It's so great to have so much input from others whose taste I trust.

  2. I vote for the pink mirror and the pantone tins! Yum.