Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kate Spade dresses

I love the Kate Spade brand.  It is a brand with great energy, wit and whimsy.  I currently own a couple of Kate Spade handbags (in sensible colours with fun fabric linings), a pair of purple patent shoes and a giant red heart ring.  I think it’s time I tried a piece of Kate Spade clothing.

I like my base wardrobe to be in black and white, on top of which I can add colour with accessories: shoes, handbags, scarves, belts and jewellery.  Any of these dresses from Kate Spade’s current collection would fit in perfectly with that theme.

Above: Polka-Dot Natalia Dress

Above: Solid Jillian Dress

Above: Houndstooth Lola Dress

Above: Malli Dress

Above: Striped Beatrice Dress

Above: Solid Lola Dress

I think I will settle on the Solid Lola Dress for now.  See it dressed up with red in the image below.

Now to figure out which size to order (the most difficult thing when trying a brand for the first time and buying online).

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  1. Hey Melinda,

    Those are all great choices! I love KS! I cannot wait to see the new item on you!