Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shopping for new accessories

The last time I went shopping at Birkenhead Point was a couple of months ago.  I went again yesterday because I needed to buy a birthday gift and it is our closest shopping centre without having to drive to Broadway or catch a bus into the city (both only 10 minutes away... I know I’m lazy).

I used to do my groceries at Birkenhead Point every weekend, but now I try to stay away.  That place is dangerous, clearly demonstrated by this weekend’s spending spree.


I bought a navy and cream polka dot silk scarf, two plastic bow hair ties and a cute little pocket mirror in a leather case for $80 (reduced from $230).


I bought three long necklaces (one with pearls, one with black crystals and one with silver crystals) and a chunky statement necklace with a huge bow for $116 (reduced from $626).

I also bought this grey quilted leather handbag and sparkly headband for $109 (reduced from $468).


I bought a handmade bone china vase, a star necklace with a jingle bell, a cute charm bracelet and two statement rings for $30 (reduced from $133).


I bought this sweet handbag for $89 (reduced from $169).

Looking back over these pictures, this is an interesting mix of accessories, ranging from the rather conservative Oroton navy and cream scarf through to the over-the-top girly Alannah Hill handbag.  It is apparent that I like a mix of black, white, grey/silver and pink (not just in interiors) and bows.

To be honest, I wear a lot of black during the week and I live in jeans most weekends, so I like to add interest to my outfits via accessories... scarves and statement rings are my favourite things to collect at the moment.

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