Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home renovation plans

I spent most of the afternoon getting together our home renovation plans for a meeting with a prospective builder tomorrow morning.  I have the land survey, sewerage maps and my own draft renovation plans, some of which I have included below.

Below: before and after plans for the backyard, bathroom, kitchen/dining and living areas

We have a rear lane that runs behind our property and we are applying to install a garage door so that we can bring our car in off the street.  This will make carrying in the groceries a whole lot easier on weekends when everybody seems to visit Rozelle and we can’t find a parking spot on our street.

We are also planning on switching the kitchen and bathroom spaces, installing a hidden laundry and glass bi-fold doors to open up the space to the backyard. 

Below: the new bathroom design

I have already detailed the new bathroom design here and included a mood board here, so I won’t bore you with that again.

Below: the new kitchen and pantry design

We have ordered our new kitchen appliances and they are in storage at the warehouse.  We are planning on white polyurethane cupboards with mirrored splashbacks and kickboards to maximise the light in this small room.  For a hidden surprise, the inside of the pantry will be all black, with open shelving and a narrow bench to hide away the toaster, coffee maker, etc.

Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow morning.  I would love to get our plans into Council as soon as possible.

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