Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colour feature: Pink

Pink is my favourite colour. It is one of the few colours in my wardrobe, to complement all my neutrals, and I have a few pink accessories in the kitchen too, like my baby pink Le Chausser French oven and my fuschia Nespresso coffee machine.

Pink is a colour fuelled with emotion and therefore a great choice to liven up an outfit or a room. It is passionate, nurturing, romantic, warm, friendly, feminine and uninhibited.

A splash of pink always draws my eye and always cheers me up.
Too much pink in an interior can be shocking, but I love it in small doses, especially when paired with a monotone mix of black, white and grey

Lighter pinks are calming and nurturing and a great choice for bedrooms, living areas and outdoor spaces.
See this post for how tiny pops of bright pinks can add warmth and energy to an otherwise cool room.
Add a little girliness to your home with these fun finds:
     1. Paul Smith Dot bowl from Scandinavian Design Center
     2. Dualit toaster from Peters of Kensington
     3. Ikat cushion from Fabricadabra
     4. JANSJÖ clamp spotlight from IKEA
     5. Retro refrigerator from SMEG
     6. Dandi Petal napkins from hardtofind.
     7. Live What You Love print from Heartfish Press on Etsy
     8. Alessi Gianni jar from Peters of Kensington
     9. Dew Drop vase from Dinosaur Designs
     10. KitchenAid Artisan mixer from Peters of Kensington
P.S. I really enjoy putting together these colour features, but they take quite a bit of time. Moving forward I am going to try to start doing at least one per month. Which colour should I do next?

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