Saturday, May 28, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 1

I admit that I have a bit of a shopping habit and I can go a little crazy at times (seriously, I need to find a cheaper hobby).
I am supposed to be sticking to a budget, so in an attempt at keeping myself honest I am going to use my blog as a weekly shopping confessional.
Firstly, the rules: my shopping budget is $150 per week and that includes everything except food (and wine) and other necessities and gifts.
So how did I go this week? I must say I am very glad I didn’t blow it in my first week… that would have made me look bad wouldn’t it.
I bought this little white birdie bangle holder for $15.
The bangles are from Oroton.
I bought this embellished black knit dress for $75 from Guess. It was on sale for 50% off.
And I spent $16 on these 2 prints from theloveshop on Etsy (I actually bought 4 prints, but the other 2 are a gift so they don’t count).
I really need to stop buying prints and posters. I have no idea where I am going to hang them all.
Running total: at the end of week 1 I am $44 under budget.


  1. I love this kind of post. Motivates me to be a better budgeter :D

    And loveee the guess knit dress!

  2. Hi StarletStarlet.

    It seems to be making me a better budgeter too. I certainly think twice before I buy something now that I have to confess and justify my spending.

    I wore the dress to a friend's birthday party last night and I love it. It's pre-accessorised with the beaded shoulders and knit dresses are so comfortable.