Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Winter layers

I need some new basic long layers for Winter. I’ll start with these two items from ASOS (only £11 each with free shipping).

Moving on to Victoria's Secret...

I’ll take the v-neck tunic in the featured colour and black (2 for $40), the turtleneck tunic in the featured colour and charcoal ($14.99 each) and the long fleece jacket in the featured colour ($59.50). Shipping is a little pricey though at $38.99.
Apart from that, I think I’ll take a walk through Pitt Street Mall and see what else I can find. I have avoided shopping in the city while I have been off work (actually, I have avoided shopping altogether for the last 1 ½ weeks… that is a big thing for me). I wonder if the new Zara store has calmed down a little now that it’s been open for a couple of weeks, the Easter holidays are over and everyone is back at work.
Speaking of back to work, we’re back to work tomorrow, so how did we go with our holiday task list:
  • Go to The Little Marionette for breakfast 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Go to IKEA 
  • Meet with Architect 
  • Move files from my laptop onto my HD drive and new laptop 
  • Sort through all the paperwork/filing in the study (almost) 
  • Go through at least half the magazines under my desk 
  • Finish going through my wardrobe and sort items into categories: eBay, charity, etc. 
  • Finish stripping the stairs 
  • Finish my SMSF assignment 
  • Go to The Orange Peel café 
  • Go to the gym 
  • Walk the dogs 
  • Go to the movies 
  • Take a day trip 
That doesn’t look good, but of course I have some pretty good excuses. No walking the dogs because apparently Pixie has a torn cruciate ligament and may need surgery. She is currently on a course of anti-inflammatory injections and needs to rest her leg. We didn’t bother taking a day trip because it rained every day we were off (yuck!). We also didn’t get any washing done for 1 ½ weeks for the same reason, so the bathroom/laundry looks like a disaster zone at the moment. As for finishing stripping the stairs, sorry I don’t have a decent excuse for that.

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