Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage patio chair (9 May 2011)

I typed this post on Monday, but Blogger was down and I haven’t had a chance to post it since… it’s been a very busy week.
I made a little discovery on the way to work today. This vintage patio chair had been abandoned in our back lane.
My apologies for the bad photo, it was taken with my iPhone in our crowded hallway (note the stack of floorboards salvaged from the upstairs renovation, the termite damage in the skirting board and the pink dog toy)
It’s in pretty good condition (despite how bad it looks in my crappy photo above). A lot of the white paint has worn off and there is a far amount of surface rust, but with a little bit of rubbing back and a fresh coat of paint it should look pretty good. I’m thinking of buying some weatherproof foam to fit the seat and covering it in this plastic-coated black and white polka dot fabric from IKEA.
Above: Lialotta plastic-coated fabric from IKEA
Onto something a little more glamorous… I love the mix of black, white and metallics in these images found via this post on The Diversion Project.
Above images from the portfolio of Bryn Alexandra
P.S. It’s my birthday tomorrow.

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  1. Happy B-Day Melinda - hope you have a fabulous day!!

    Oh and have just found this linkage lovage, thanks so much. Going back to edit my Sunday thanks post right now!! xx