Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabric and wallpaper

It has been 11 days since I last posted on my blog. I had a busy week last week, then a long weekend with Harry and I have been really sick since last Sunday night. I even took an ambulance ride and spent a day in the RPA emergency department on Tuesday.
I appear to be on the road to recovery now. I managed to get out of the house for an hour yesterday, but I spent that time walking at a snail’s pace. This morning I drove to Rosebery to visit the Signature Prints warehouse sale before the weekend rush. I felt a little exhausted afterwards, but I figure it’s good for me to make the effort to get out of the house and I picked up a few nice things.
The great thing about the Signature Prints warehouse sales is that you can pick up off-cuts of Florence Broadhurst designs in non-standard colourways (perhaps leftovers from special orders or trial-runs). Today I bought an off-cut of Japanese Floral wallpaper in pink on cream…
…and an off-cut of Japanese Floral fabric in a different shade of pink on cream. Japanese Floral is my favourite of Florence Broadhurst’s currently available designs (in the picture below, you can see my stack of new fabric resting on my bench seat which is covered in the same design in black on natural calico).
I also stopped in at The Remnant Warehouse on my way past and picked up 5 pieces of fabric, including metallic linen for cushions, black and white striped jersey and a couple of suiting fabrics to have some trousers made.
P.S. Thank you to Harry for staying at home with me for the worst 3 days of this week. It was really nice having you around for support when I was feeling so unwell.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Scandinavian grand design

It has been lovely spending three days out of the office, but the long weekend is almost over now.
I spent most of today taking photographs of my old clothes, to sell on eBay, but while taking a break for lunch, Harry switched on the TV to an episode of Grand Designs which I couldn’t walk away from.
It featured the home of interior designer and owner/builder, Kathryn Tyler. She talks about her love of Scandinavian design as the inspiration for this build and she loves bespoke fittings and preloved furniture.
I love everything about this home: the combination of white-painted brick and cedar, which will grey with age…
The dining chairs, which are apparently an English design that is no longer made (I must try to find more information about them)…
The white kitchen cabinetry encased in teak…
My favourite feature: the bespoke storage under the staircase, and I love all the colour in Kathryn’s display of knick-knacks…
The built-in coat rack/message board just inside the front door and the bookshelf/room divider…
The living room furniture, especially the sofa with its button detailing…
Kathryn’s home office/design studio (I am so jealous, just look at all those design books)…
And I assume this is her husband/partner Chris’s workspace.
I’d even consider moving to cold, rainy Cornwall if I could make this house mine.
Visit Kathryn’s website to see more images of her beautiful home.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 3

I had another extremely well behaved week (perhaps because it was also another incredibly busy week at work or perhaps because I had a lot of bills to pay and my monthly pay day is not until next week).
I bought the latest Lonely Planet France guide for $28 (40% off RRP) from Myer. Yes, we are planning a trip to France at the end of the year.
I also pre-ordered a copy of the English version of the J’adore Couture 2012 calendar for $10 from The Book Depository. Not because I am organised enough to actually use a calendar, but because I am hoping it will be filled with large scale images of some of René Gruau’s amazing fashion illustrations.
I also received a couple of parcels in the mail this week, including my belated birthday present from Harry (belated because the ring was out of stock in my size for over a month)…
…and this Swarovski crystal and gunmetal ring and earrings from Anthropologie, which I bought online about a month ago.
In light of my otherwise good behaviour, I have decided to strip $50 per week out of my budget for all the unnecessary food I buy (yes, that’s you Lindt macaroons, double-shot cappuccinos and chocolate bars). With a reduced budget, that still leaves me $62 ahead this week.
Seriously, how long can I keep this up? Any week now, I am expecting the crazy shopping binge that wipes out all this good behaviour and reveals me as the crazy shopaholic that I truly am.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Currently coveting...

... a Louis Vuitton Favorit Bracelet in classic Monogram canvas.

A mid-century modern home in San Sebastián

The San Sebastián home of Spanish designer Mikel Irastorza is a perfect combination of old and new. The apartment features architectural details from the early 1900s and the furniture is a mix of mid-century and modern pieces.

I could easily move right in.
Above images via Houzz

My favourite rooms are the living room, for its white walls, contrasting furniture and those fabulous pendant lights, and the bedroom because it looks sooo cozy. I would love to snuggle up under that fur blanket right now. It is absolutely freezing in my house tonight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vivid Sydney

It’s panning out to be another exhausting week. I’ve already had two late nights in the office and two microwave dinners and it’s only Tuesday.
At least I’m planning on ending this week on a high with a visit to the Vivid Sydney light festival on Friday night. Check out these amazing images of the Opera House all lit up at this year’s festival.
If tonight’s weather is anything to go by, I imagine it will be freezing on Friday night, so a warm coat and a visit to the world’s biggest campfire will be in order.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A corner of my bedroom

This is what you see when you reach the top of the stairs that lead into our bedroom.
The Louis style chair is from HorganS and the coat rack is an Eames Hang-It-All. It’s a great spot to store our Winter essentials (gloves, scarves and a couple of my most frequently worn necklaces) and I can drop my handbag on the chair.
My mum is making me a little cushion from Florence Broadhurst’s Birds of Paradise fabric in black silk for the chair.
Aside from that, I need to decide on a piece of art to hang on the wall. Then I think this corner will be finished.
My current thoughts are that a colourful piece might work well with the Hang-It-All. Maybe this Inner West map from Suburban Type.
Or a framed page of Andy Warhol Chanel prints from this book.
Whichever piece I choose, I am thinking of hanging it on the wall opposite the Hang-It-All, so as not to overcrowd the one wall.
What do you think? Will the combination of one of these colourful prints and the Hang-It-All look to busy? Should I try something simpler instead? Maybe I’ll wait and see how the cushion looks before making up my mind.

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 2

The June sales have started, but due to my insanely busy week I haven’t had time to hit the shops.
I did drop into Country Road to buy a couple of photo frames for the prints I bought last weekThe frames cost $15 each (on sale from $35 each). Here they are, ready to hang.
The timber grain in these frames is beautiful. Here’s a close-up.
I am not really living up to my ‘shopaholic’ status. Having to justify everything I spend to the people that follow my blog certainly makes me think twice before I buy anything. So I guess this shopping confessional is working for me (my credit card thanks you all).
I could say that I was running $120 under budget this week, but in reality I spent a lot of money on food, including more than $50 on macaroons and mochas from the Lindt Café. So let’s just say I broke even.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Isn't she lovely

It has been a whole week since I last posted. I have been insanely busy, working well past midnight more than once this last week. I made up for it with a lovely sleep-in this morning.

Last Sunday I visited my grandmother for her birthday and I picked up this lovely lady.

My grandmother bought this dressmaker’s dummy from David Jones back in the 1950s I believe. She was a dressmaker by trade and my grandfather was a bootmaker.

Alas, she is not here to stay.  I am just borrowing her to help with selling some of my old clothes on eBay.  While I am not using her as a photo prop, I thought she would look pretty in the corner of our bedroom holding some of my favourite necklaces.

Above: Necklaces from Mimco, Alannah Hill and Betsey Johnson (top to bottom)