Sunday, June 12, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 3

I had another extremely well behaved week (perhaps because it was also another incredibly busy week at work or perhaps because I had a lot of bills to pay and my monthly pay day is not until next week).
I bought the latest Lonely Planet France guide for $28 (40% off RRP) from Myer. Yes, we are planning a trip to France at the end of the year.
I also pre-ordered a copy of the English version of the J’adore Couture 2012 calendar for $10 from The Book Depository. Not because I am organised enough to actually use a calendar, but because I am hoping it will be filled with large scale images of some of René Gruau’s amazing fashion illustrations.
I also received a couple of parcels in the mail this week, including my belated birthday present from Harry (belated because the ring was out of stock in my size for over a month)…
…and this Swarovski crystal and gunmetal ring and earrings from Anthropologie, which I bought online about a month ago.
In light of my otherwise good behaviour, I have decided to strip $50 per week out of my budget for all the unnecessary food I buy (yes, that’s you Lindt macaroons, double-shot cappuccinos and chocolate bars). With a reduced budget, that still leaves me $62 ahead this week.
Seriously, how long can I keep this up? Any week now, I am expecting the crazy shopping binge that wipes out all this good behaviour and reveals me as the crazy shopaholic that I truly am.

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