Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elkington Park

Harry and I took an extra leave day to make this 3-day long weekend into a 4-day long weekend. Due to bad weather for the past 3 days, our weekend didn’t quite go to plan and it wasn’t as productive as we’d hoped.
But the sun was shining today and we took advantage of it to get at least one thing ticked off our to do list. We rode our bikes around to every park on the Balmain peninsula and we have decided on a venue for our engagement party: Elkington Park in Balmain.
Above image from joemills2 via Flickr
When we first moved to Balmain around 3 ½ years ago we rented a house across the street from Elkington Park and I would take our dogs there for a walk every morning before work.
The views from the park are amazing…
Above image from joemills2 via Flickr
...but the main reason we chose it as our engagement party venue is the rotunda.
Above image by Kerrie via Flickr
I have seen many wedding ceremonies held in the little rotunda and the surrounding rose garden. I think it will be a lovely place to serve food and drinks and provide shelter from the harsh January sun.
We also designed our engagement party invitations over the weekend and bought all the supplies we need to make them. I won’t share them just yet, but watch this space.

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