Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2011

I love living in Rozelle.  Sydney Harbour NYE 9.00pm fireworks as seen from our bedroom window.

A Swedish lakehouse

Check out the view from the back deck of this lakehouse for sale in Förängen, Sweden.
I would love to be sitting on that deck right now, taking in the peaceful surroundings, sipping cocktails and waiting to welcome the new year.
It is very much a traditional little lakehouse, complete with timber floors, walls and ceilings and the obligatory bunk beds.  But there is one striking difference.  Every wall in the open plan living/dining/kitchen area is covered in black and white striped wallpaper.
Above images from Booli
I love the little bit of drama the stripes add to this otherwise tranquil setting.  I could definitely see myself spending many relaxing weekends in this little lakehouse.  If only I had a spare $600,000 and Sweden wasn't so far away.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It has started

Our bathroom/kitchen switch is finally underway.

My Dad started it off by smashing out a wall in the bathroom, both ceilings and the kitchen cupboards.

Then the builders came in and smashed out pretty much everything else.

So at the end of week one, we have progressed to dirt floors and rubble and it all looks a whole lot worse.  Let's hope it's looking a whole lot better at the end of week two.

Made me smile

It's been a really tough week, but this pink front door made me smile for a moment today.

Above image from The Design Files

It makes me wish I had painted the front of our house in white and grey, so that I could have a happy pink door too.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Le Tour Eiffel

I am at home sick today.  I have spent most of the day watching episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother', but I did achieve at least one other thing.  I found a new place to store all my brooches (and a big pink and red felt heart Christmas tree decoration).

My sister bought me the Eiffel Tower photo holder from Blue Illusion for Christmas last year (or was it the year before... how time flies).  I never intended to use it to store photos, but until now I hadn't made good use of it.

I love that it almost looks like a Christmas tree.  Given that we don't have the space to put ours up this year, it may have to suffice.