Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Swedish lakehouse

Check out the view from the back deck of this lakehouse for sale in Förängen, Sweden.
I would love to be sitting on that deck right now, taking in the peaceful surroundings, sipping cocktails and waiting to welcome the new year.
It is very much a traditional little lakehouse, complete with timber floors, walls and ceilings and the obligatory bunk beds.  But there is one striking difference.  Every wall in the open plan living/dining/kitchen area is covered in black and white striped wallpaper.
Above images from Booli
I love the little bit of drama the stripes add to this otherwise tranquil setting.  I could definitely see myself spending many relaxing weekends in this little lakehouse.  If only I had a spare $600,000 and Sweden wasn't so far away.

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  1. How lovely! Very nice stripped walls!

    ❤ Annelien