Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New kitchen design

I meant to post this yesterday, but instead spent the whole day searching for a missing bath mixer/tap... which is still missing and now discontinued, so I just spent another $428 on a replacement which won't match the basin mixer/tap.  The one positive of this experience is that my house is now pretty organised since I turned the whole thing inside out yesterday.

The concrete floors were poured last Wednesday and have now dried enough for the builders to return to work.

We have decided to keep the concrete floor in the kitchen area (above) and have it polished, rather than tiling over the top.  We figure this will not only look good, it will also make it easier when we extend this room and redo the kitchen in a couple of years' time.

As this is just a temporary kitchen (so that we can rent our house while we're away for 12 months), we have chosen a simple white kitchen from IKEA.  The layout will be as in the picture below with the exception of having a dishwasher in place of the cupboard between the oven and sink and with the little round knobs on the top cupboards to be used for the bottom cupboards as well.

We have also bought simple square white tiles (slightly larger than those pictured above) and are planning on using grey or black grout.

We had already bought top quality Bosch kitchen appliances and a sink for our new kitchen.  We will have the appliances installed now and moved to the new kitchen later, but we had to buy a second sink from IKEA because the sink we already have is designed to be installed under a stone countertop and the IKEA kitchen has a laminated countertop.

With our visa delays, at least we should get a chance to try out the new appliances before we head to France... I am trying to remain positive.

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