Thursday, January 12, 2012

New wardrobe design

I am trying to finalise our new wardrobe design and am throwing around a few different ideas at the moment.

We could close in the wardrobe, leaving just my dressing table area open for access. 

We would need 50cm doors in the slanted ceiling sections and 60cm doors in the middle section for an overall symmetrical look.  I would have the doors painted in Dulux Vivid White to match the rest of the room and possibly go handle free for a cleaner look.

Or we could leave the wardrobe open and get rid of all the upright sections, leaving something like this.

In the 2D picture above, those funny looking squiggly things are supposed to be coat hangers and the dark squares are supposed to be storage boxes to differentiate between hanging spaces and shelves.  The greyed out area is supposed to be a mirror above my dressing table.

I like the way it looks from front on, particularly the floating shelves, but I am concerned about our clothes being exposed to sunlight and dust.

I suppose we could always hang curtains or blinds across the bottom section, leaving just the top shelves and my dressing table area exposed.

Alternatively, we could install sliding doors all the way along (similar to the image below), but this is by far the most expensive option and I don't know that I'd like the fact the doors aren't all flush with each other.

I think I'm leaning towards the open option, but I can't make up my mind. Your opinions please.

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