Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A renovated 1970s apartment in Spain

I have seen pictures of a couple of these rooms before, but just discovered the whole space online.  This apartment belongs to two interior architects and was actually built in the 1970s, significantly renovated and adorned to look like a much older home.

Above images from Journal de la Maison

Walls were removed and replaced with glass doors to open the space out onto the adjoining courtyards and the couple's bathroom opens into the bedroom to further increase the sense of space.

I love the exposed brick walls painted white and the way they contrast with the dark timber floors and the added aged roof beams.  I also love the decorative black and white floor tiles used to separate the bathroom and dining spaces from the adjoining rooms.

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  1. Beautiful! The combination with the old elements of the building with the modern decoration is really stunning!

    ❤ Annelien